I am the founder of our Community Nursery. We formed a Incorporated Society in June 2018. I asked our community how can we address the state of our river (pollution of river, high sedimentation levels, and erosion) The response back was "Plant Native Trees" Many people approached us with varying experience relating to environmental issues. All these people have helped us establish our nursery. I had no experience in the propagation of native plants, I called myself the "Native Virgin" so I talked to a friend who loves native trees, we teamed up and started growing plants from home. Our Community donated potting mix, pots and trays to help us get started. We then approached the Hawke's Bay Regional Council for funding through their LEAF fund. This helped us through the provision of potting mix and bags. We approached our local Council to see if there was anywhere where we could establish a nursery. A section was given to us to establish our nursery. Funding was secured and our 1st Shade house was built in 2019. Two years down the track we now have 3 Shade Houses, a large hardening out area, a 5 cubic metre potting mix box, and a shelter area for our volunteers to work under. We have propagated over 20,000 native plants for restoration projects around our area. We are currently looking at establishing wicking beds in our hardening out area. It has been an amazing 2.5 years our nursery has progressed amazingly fast. We want our community to be involved from tamariki to our older generation, it dosn't matter who you are or your ability come on down and join us.



About our plants

Our plants are eco-sourced (locally sourced) and are cared for by passionate volunteers who love the environment and want the make a difference. We use native potting mix. We sell plants in Pb 3/4, Pb 2 and Pb 3 bags/pots.

Best prices

Buy direct from us. Our plants are being sold at Wholesale prices, in Pb 3/4, Pb 2 and Pb 3 bag sizes.

10 day free returns

Return an order within 10 days of and get a full refund. You can also get the product replaced provided that you have the receipt and the product is in good condition. Get in touch with our team through phone or email for assistance.

Purchase over 100 plants - We drop the cost per plant by $1.00

We do not deliver. You must pick up your plants upon payment

Our goals & mission

To be the Kaitiaki for our local Waterways and environment Creating a healthier environmental future for generations to come "Repair, Restore and Regenerate our river for future generations"

Our core values

We value our Community and environmental heath. They work hand in hand.

Meet our team

Leeann Whatura

Chairperson - Founder

Jan Doran

Cheif Nursery Supervisor

Gordon Stewart

Project Manager

Some of our volunteers


Sue Clough

Chief seed gatherer and propagator

"Whatever you are doing keep it up. The root system of your plants are amazing"


"Great looking plants, very robust too. Coming back for more"